Best Table Saw 2019: The Ultimate Guide

Are you in the market for a new table saw? If so you should look for the best table saw 2019. Today you have a wide range of options including different brands, specifications, and features. We’ll share some of the best table saws on the market to help you pick one that best suits your needs.


1. PCS175-TGP236 1.75-HP

SawStop is a US table saw maker. It was founded nearly two decades ago in 1999 and is headquartered in the US state Oregon.


The SawStop’s durability is boosted with its powder coat finish. It’s also made with high-end gauge steel, so there’s less chance of damage.

When selecting a power saw it’s critical to consider the grade of steel that’s used to make it. That will help to extend the lifespan of the unit and help prevent repairs/replacements. As with other power tools, it’s critical to protect your investment, and one of the best ways is through sturdy materials/construction.


The PCS175-TGP236 offers excellent mobility with 2 fixed wheels, and a pair of 360-degree casters. What’s the big deal?

It’s then much easier to wheel around the table saw whether it’s in your home workshop or at a jobsite. When a table saw is more mobile it makes your work more efficient by saving time and effort.

This unit offers several mobility options including 1-foot operation and hydraulic piston assist. You can easily raise the saw by quickly pumping the foot pedal. This makes the process faster and helps to prevent unwanted injuries.


The PCS175-TGP236 cuts smoothly due to its T-glide Fence System, lockdown without deflection, and precision measurement.

These features boost the functionality of the saw. They’ll help to make your cutting more powerful and efficient, which are both key features when operating a unit.


The table saw provides quiet V-ribbed belts. This helps to provide minimal vibration through sure power transfer.

So when operating this saw, you won’t experience unwanted jolts. This allows you to use the saw for longer periods and thus complete your tasks and projects easier.


The SawStop safety system helps to provide high-level protection for the saw’s operator. It’s always critical for a table saw not only to be efficient but also safe in order to prevent accidents.

Dust is easily one of the main issues when operating a power saw. It’s critical for a table saw to collect a maximum amount of dust to help prevent respiratory issues that can affect your breathing.

The PCS175-TGP236 includes a Dust Collection Blade Guard that collects an incredible 99% of dust created.


  • Detailed/clear instructions
  • Excellent cutting
  • Good quality/value for the price point
  • Ergonomic/reduces hand fatigue
  • Good for garage woodworking


  • Quality of extension wings
  • Special blade guard required
  • Screw holes must be taped

2. 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe

Jet is a maker of woodworking and metalworking products. It was founded six decades ago in 1958. It started as a small retailer in the US state Washington.


This Jet saw is powered by a 3-HP motor with Poly V-Belt System. The motor is mounted to the under-table mechanism. The unit is powered via a pair of pulleys and efficient poly V-belt.

The unit provides durability through the cast-iron handle-wheels.  In fact, even the middle of each hand-wheel contains sturdy locking pins made of steel. They’re also precision-machined so the setting won’t be changed.


The XACTASAW includes a built-in storage drawer. This provides you with some of the must-have tools and materials you need when operating a table saw. It prevents the need to haul around a big and heavy toolbox wherever you operate your saw.


Blade changes are a cinch with this Jet saw due to the push-button arbor lock. It makes the process fast and easy so you can complete the task quickly and efficiently.

The motor is protected from power fluctuations with an industrial on/off switch.


A surprising way this saw provides better ergonomics is through left tilt. This provides more stability when operating the unit and also provides smoother blade positioning. It results in cutting that’s more efficient and user-friendly.

If you want to experience quiet operation, then the XACTASAW is a good option. That’s due to the Poly-V drive belt system that also makes the table saw more efficient.


The XACTASAW protects the operator with the leaf safety guard. This safeguards you when cutting and even when the saw is at a 45-degree tilt.

Kickback is a sudden and unintended movement of a power tool, and it’s one of the biggest safety issues to consider when picking a table saw.

The XACTASAW includes a riving knife that significantly lowers the risk of binding/kickback. This, in turn, increases the saw’s overall safety, which is a big plus.

There’s also a built-in 4-inch dust-collection port. When operating a power saw dust is one of the biggest issues in terms of safety. Minimizing dust not only helps you breathe better but also focus on the particular projects you’re working on.


  • Good for cabinetry work
  • Very powerful saw
  • Excellent fence
  • Shipping/packaging
  • Easy to assemble


  • Fence different from manual
  • Tabletop not level
  • Some adjustments required

3. W1819 10-Inch Table Saw

Shop Fox is a maker of woodworking/metalworking equipment. It was founded nearly three decades ago in 1989.


The W1819 features a polished cast iron table/wings for high-end sturdiness. There are also huge cast iron trunnions for extra durability.


An optional mobile base is available to boost the unit’s portability. Meanwhile, the table saw’s footing is 22 ¼-in. x 20 in. Make sure to measure the workplace where you’ll be operating the saw.


The W1819 includes a wide-san T force system that’s easy-glide. You also get smooth-gliding nylon runners and positive camlock/phenolic face. These are all key features that add to the functionality of the power saw.

When operating a table saw convenience is a key factor. This Shop Fox saw includes quick-release functionality for the blade guard, riving knife, and splitter assembly. This makes the unit’s operation more convenient and your work more efficient.


This saw lets the operator tilt the blade left from 0 to 45 degrees. This makes it a good option for cutting bevels, chamfers, and miters.

You can tweak the cutting angle easily by loosening the tilt lock of the blade and rotating the blade’s tilt hand-wheel. This allows you to move the blade to the angle you want to cut at.


When operating a power saw the operator’s safety is a must. However, that can be due to the operation of the saw itself.

This Shop Fox saw includes overload protection via the magnetic switch. This feature helps to prevent accidents through the machine’s over-heating.

Anti-kick pawls are located on each of the spreader’s sides. This, in turn, helps to prevent the dangers of kickback when operating the table saw.

The spreader is a metal plate used to prevent the workpiece’s newly-cut kerf from pinching the blade’s backside. This, in turn, prevents kickback from happening.

Another safety feature of this power saw is the blade guard. This includes a shield made of clear polycarbonate. This is easily one of the most critical safety features of the W1819 since it helps to prevent accidents.

Here’s how it works. The pawls result in the workpiece only traveling in one direction. So if the workpiece starts moving backwards during events like a kickback the pawls slow/stop the workpiece by digging into it.


  • Very accurate cutting
  • Accurate settings
  • Easy assembly
  • Good fence
  • Consistent results


  • Rail system low-quality
  • Customer service
  • Bad set screws

4. DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch

DeWalt is a US brand of power tools/hand tools that’s under the umbrella company Stanley Black & Decker. It was founded 90+ years ago in 1924 and is headquartered in the US state Maryland.


Do you have to cut big shelving/trim materials? It won’t be a problem with this DeWalt saw since it has a 32.5-inch rip capacity. This makes the process easy.


When operating a table saw you’ll want setup/breakdown to be as smooth and easy as possible. How does the DWE7491RS stack up?

It features a rolling stand. This makes the process easier so you can start operating the table saw quickly then store it when you’re done your task. This is a critical feature to make your work more efficient and free up more time for other priorities.

Another feature related to portability/mobility is the telescoping fence rails. These can be extended quickly and easily. This allows the unit to be more compact and thus more portable.


The DWE7491RS features a Rack & Pinion Fence System, so fence adjustments are quick and accurate. This makes the process easier, and that’s always a good thing when operating a table saw.

Another big feature is the on-board storage system. This allows you to access the push stick and Site-Pro Guard components. You can also get to them easily while doing your tasks, which is another plus. One of the keys to efficient work is to have everything within arm’s reach.

The DWE7491RS also features the company’s in-house material support. This can be used for doing narrow rip cuts, so it’s certainly a key feature.


The DWE7491RS weighs 90 pounds. It’s not the lightest table saw per se. That said, in terms of the durability and functionality the unit provides the weight isn’t overly high.


The dust port diameter of the DWE7491RS is 2.5-inches. This is one of the most important features in terms of safety since will help the saw to operate more smoothly. When there’s less dust, you’ll also be able to breathe better, so there’s also that.

The Dust Collection Port connects easily to a vacuum. This makes dust extraction efficient so you can focus better on the task and hand.


  • Compact design
  • Good for DIY tasks
  • Very durable
  • Easy setup/takedown
  • High portability/flexibility
  • Cons
  • Shipping/parts missing
  • Many adjustments required
  • Blades squaring up to miter slots

5. G0690 Cabinet Table Saw by Grizzly

Grizzly Industrial is a maker of woodworking/metalworking machines and accessories. It was founded 35 years ago in 1983.


How well does the G0690 stack up? The arbor speed is an impressive 4,300 revolutions per minute (RPM). This provides the power you need for your power saw projects.

The motor produces 3HP, which is enough juice for most applications. If you’ll be doing heavy-duty cutting, then it’s always a plus to have enough horsepower even if you don’t need it for every project.

Meanwhile, the trunnions are made of heavy-duty cast iron. This boosts the durability of the unit and helps to extend the lifespan of the table saw.  Other features include huge cast iron table/wings and heavy-duty hand wheels.

The unit also includes powder-coated paint. This helps to protect the G0690 and thus also your investment. There’s also precision hardened/ground-polished top made of cast iron. This helps to extend the unit’s lifespan.

Here are some key figures to keep in mind for this Grizzly unit. The max. rip capacity is 2.5-inch, and the maximum dado width is 13/16-inch.


The table’s height from the floor is 34 inches. Meanwhile, the overall dimensions are 62 inches (L) x 42-inches (W) x 40 inches (H).


Features of the G0690 include quick-release blade guard/riving knife, and push stick. These features are important when operating a power saw, but it’s just as critical to have the ability to release them quickly for better efficiency.

The riving knife moves up/down and also tilts with the blade. This improves the functionality of the unit and provides more precise cuts for different projects.

Another feature is standard/dad table-type fence system. This provides more flexibility based on the types of cutting you need to do.


The 4-foot dust-collection port is effective in collecting dust particles. This is always important when operating table saws but especially if you suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.


The magnetic switch helps to prevent the power saw from over-heating. This is a big feature to consider since it’s one of the most common safety issues with power tools. You’ll want to deal with this issue quickly and effectively.


  • Only minor adjustments required
  • Quality dados
  • Smooth/accurate machine/fence
  • True cabinet saw
  • Easy setup


  • Tape measure inaccurate
  • Some missing parts
  • Long assembly

6. DW745 Compact


The DW745 is powered by a 15-amp motor. This helps to cut through hardwoods like butter. You can also get a no-load speed of 3,850 revolutions per minute (rpm), which is quite impressive.

The DeWalt saw’s steel roll cage helps to safeguard the saw vs. impacts and drops that could happen when operating the power tool. This, in turn, can extend the lifespan of the saw.

This DeWalt saw’s motor delivers tons of power. That’s due to the 1800 watts, which help to offer high performance for any and all applications. It’s always a plus to have more power than you need instead of the converse.

You can also get 610mm of rip capacity with the unit’s fence system. This provides all the juice you need for cutting big sheet materials.


The DW745 is one of the most portable saws within its class. That’s due to the optimized footprint and 22 kg weight. These features make it easier to move the table saw around your workshop. It’s one of the most important features since it boosts your productivity/efficiency.

The overall portable design of the DeWalt DW745 is critical, so you can move it around your workshop easier.


Adjustments are faster and easier with the quick bevel lock. It also features a big scale to provide more functionality.

You can do beveled cuts by adjusting the shoe bevels from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. This is a key feature that adds versatility to the unit.

The unit’s efficiency/precision is boosted with the tabletop design. This is critical to make the unit’s operation more precise and effective for different projects.


The functionality of the DW745 is boosted with features like front/rear fence lock, and rack & pinion fence system. There are also big/clear scales.

All of these features make the saw more precise and easier to use.  These benefits make it easier to complete your projects faster and thus free up time for other tasks.


When operating any power tool the “safety first” rule should apply. How does the DW745 stack up?

The system for overload protection helps to provide powerful performance on different hardwoods including wet/frozen workpieces. This, in turn, helps to prevent the unit from over-heating, which is a major safety issue when operating power saws.

The dust port reduce is another key feature since it improves the unit’s functionality. It also helps to make breathing easier.


  • Very durable saw
  • Good construction saw
  • Practical for new woodworkers
  • Accurate cutting
  • Good DIY saw


  • Safety guard issues
  • Motor installation
  • Blade raising/lowering

7. Bosh 10-inch Worksite

Bosch is an engineering/electronics company headquartered in Germany. It was founded by Robert Bosch 130+ years ago in 1886.


The 4100-09 is a true workhorse. The motor delivers 3,650 no-load revolutions per minute (rpm), which is more than enough for many applications.

You get ripping capacity that can handle stock as high as 25 inches wide. How effective is this? It allows you to rip sheets that are 4 feet-wide in half. This is due to the big cutting table surface. These figures are quite impressive when compared to other power saws in the same price range.

The 4100-09 is built to last. The unit is designed for durability and is even backed by Bosch’s 1-year warranty. Make sure to read the terms & conditions, so you’ll know what is and isn’t included.


Portability is one of the 4100-09’s biggest fortes. You can easily tweak the height for different applications due to the gravity-rise. The unit is also collapsible for easy mobility/storage.

Another portability feature is the 8-inch treaded wheels. The pneumatic units make it a piece of cake to transfer the table saw from one jobsite to the next one.

The 8 treaded tires are made of rubber composite. There’s also a single-action design to provide fast setup/transport.


The soft-start circuitry of this power saw provides a smooth/fast ramp-up as it boosts to the operating speed. This helps to manage the motor start-up’s intensity and minimize the chance of a circuit breaking tripping.

The 4100-09’s Constant Response circuitry also helps to sustain speed when under load. It also helps with over-load protection, so it functions as a safety feature as well.


This Bosch power saw features one-handed operation due to the design of the SquareLock rip fence. This is a plus, so you cut your workpieces more efficiently since the other hand is freed up.


The 4100-09 is loaded with safety features. They include anti-kickback pawls and riving knife. This is a plus since it can protect the user in the case a kickback occurs. It helps to prevent accidents due to kickbacks.


  • Fast shipping
  • Accurate cutting
  • Easy to change blades
  • Excellent safety features
  • Good durability


  • Blade doesn’t rise quickly
  • Bad customer service
  • Some motor issues

8. Skil 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw

Skil is a maker of electric power tools/accessories. It was founded in 1924 with the invention of the first-ever commercial circular saw. This led to development to the Model 77.


The Skil 3410-02 is powered with a 15-amp motor. This provides enough power to rip through a wide variety of hardwoods and other materials. So you can use the same power tool for a wide range of applications instead of purchasing multiple ones.

You can cut through 4x materials with the cut height capacity of 3.5-inches. This provides more flexibility when operating the unit.


The work table’s stand is made of heavy-duty steel. Just as importantly it’s designed for quick setup/transport.

So you can easily move the table saw around your workshop or from one jobsite to the next one. This boosts your efficiency.

Another plus is the stand has a quick mount feature. This makes it easier to set up the saw and get started on your work.


You’ll get more accurate measurements with the rip fence that’s self-aligning. This is a big plus for making cuts easier and faster.

The bevel angle includes a range of 0 degrees to 47 degrees. This provides more flexibility when making bevel cuts.

This cast aluminum table has a dimension of 20-in. x 20-in. It can also be extended when cutting long workpieces. This provides more versatility since you can use the same table saw for a wide range of projects/tasks.

The 3410-02 is backed by Skil’s 3-year benchtop warranty. This covers defects resulting from faulty material/workmanship.

It’s critical to register the power tool within 30 days of your purchase. You should also visit Bosch’s website in order to get more details about this offering.


In terms of convenience, the Skil 3410-02 includes an EZ view system for measurement. This provides more accurate settings since you can make tweaks easier.

When using a table saw one of the biggest issues is making accurate cuts. The EZ view system can help you achieve that goal.


The unit is well-designed and very durable. This, in turn, makes it a safety issue since it reduces the chances of accidents.

For example, this includes the heavy-duty steel stand. It boosts the unit’s safety by providing a sturdy foundation for the table.


  • Expanding table
  • Good for DIY projects
  • Easy setup
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Powerful saw


  • Motor bearings
  • Blade’s angle in housing.
  • Plastic parts

9. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K

Powermatic was founded in 1928 in the US state Tennessee. Its first products included the innovative tilting Arbor Table Saw.


This Powermatic table saw operates on a 1-34 horsepower motor with Poly-V belt. This helps to maximize the motor’s efficiency. Is it the most powerful motor? No, but due to its efficiency, it’s all about how much power you get from the low voltage requirement.

The PM1000 if a powerful cabinet saw yet only requires 115V to operate. This offers better functionality since you won’t need tons of power to juice up the unit.


Since the cabinet table saw just needs 115V, this boosts its portability. That’s because you won’t’ need a source of high power to operate the table saw.


You can get a full range of cuts with the PM1000 due to easy adjustment of the miter gauge. The sturdy unit pivots to either side at 60 degrees. It boosts the functionality of the saw by making these effective adjustments.

The 30-inch Accu-Fence system is another key feature of this Skil saw. It provides stability and workspace you need for better results.


The PM1000’s vibration is reduced with the Poly-V belt and efficient motor. This makes operating the unit more comfortable, and thus more efficient.

The hands-free power switch makes it a cinch to turn the power saw on/off. This, in turn, makes your work more efficient since you can use your hands the most efficiently.


One key feature of this Powermatic unit is the guard assembly that’s tool-less. There are also side leaves that operate independently. This not only makes the unit easier to use but also maximizes safety.

Sawdust is one of the main drawbacks of using table saws. So it’s critical to pick a unit that minimizes the amount produced in order to get the best results. This is especially true if you suffer from various respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies.

The PM1000 helps to deal with this problem with collection hose and blade surround. These two features help to maximize dust collection, which minimizes the chance of breathing issues.

This power saw’s dust-collection system is quite efficient. It results in more dust collected and thus fewer issues related to respiratory problems.


  • Good design/durability
  • Good value for the price
  • Runs like more powerful saws
  • Good functionality
  • Good for home shops


  • Bad customer service
  • Saw’s color
  • Shipping speed

10. SkilSaw SPT70WT-01 10-inch


The Dual Field motor and 15-amp construction boost cutting speed, which makes your work more efficient. It also extends the motor’s life and reduces repairs/replacements needed. This, in turn, helps to protect your investment.

The SPT70WT-01 delivers maximum power/torque from its 5-horsepower (HP) motor. In fact, this is the first-ever Worm Drive table saw that’s brass-geared. This is a key feature that boosts the unit’s durability.

In fact, the motors of Skil saws are one of the main benefits of the products. They feature dual copper windings that boost the copper surface e area by an incredible 40%. This helps to keep the motor cool.

The SPT70WT-01 has a rip capacity of 25 –inches and depth of cut of 3.5-inches for ripping several materials. This makes the power saw more efficient since you can do a wide range of tasks using it.


This Skil saw is portable, compact, and lightweight. In fact, it weighs a mere 49 pounds, so it’s quite easy to haul around to different jobsites. Many other table saw models weigh significantly heavier.


A key feature is self-aligning rips. This makes the cuts using this Skil saw more effective and a unit that’s definitely worth considering.


The SPT70WT-01’s lightweight construction boosts the ergonomics since it’s easy to operate and move. In fact, it’s so portable you can lift it with one hand using the handle with rubberized padding.

This frees up the other hand to carry the unit’s stand or a toolbox. The result is a more efficient use of the saw since you can free up a hand for carrying other stuff.


This Skil saw includes a guard system w/ anti-kickback device. This makes operation of the SPT70WT-01 easier and helps reduce the chance of accidents.

Another safety feature of this Skil saw is a cooler running motor. This helps to prevent over-heating, which can cause various safety issues. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid.

Another plus is the dependable motor helps to handle some ultra-tough cuts. Since the motor is less likely to over-heat, you can continue to complete your tasks using the power tool.


  • Smooth operation
  • Cuts effectively
  • Good saw for the price range
  • Good design
  • Versatile saw for many tasks


  • Shipping/packaging
  • Blade height adjustment
  • Hard to align the blade/miter slot

BUYING GUIDE: The Comprehensive Buying Guide

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If you’re in the market for the best table saw 2019 here are some of the most critical factors to consider:


This is X-factor but definitely one to consider. Even if you buy a quality power tool, there’s still a chance you’ll need repairs. In that case, having a table saw covered by a warranty can be a plus.

Miter Gauge/Fence

What are these components in terms of a table saw? The fence is a key part of the unit and gives a table saw its edge over other varieties of saws.

The most common kind you’ll find is the T-square fence. This includes a sturdy construction and good precision. It’s a plus for making rip cuts.

How about cross-cuts? If you plan to make tangled cuts like this one you should consider the miter gauge of the saw.

These are intricate components of power saws. All you really need to know is to how to pick a table saw based on the miter gauge. This device holds the workpiece at a particular angle.

If you’re not too familiar with these components, you should definitely read up before picking a table saw model. This can help to prevent various problems.

Saw Blade

As you might guess this is one of the most critical components of any table saw. When picking a unit make sure to consider factors like:

  • Arbor ize
  • Diameter
  • Kerf size
  • Material
  • Teeth (number)

These are some technical issues but certainly worth researching when picking a table saw. The more know-how you have, the easier it will be to sort through the different units on the market.

The blade’s size differs although the majority of commercial table saws contain a 10-inch or 12-inch blade. However, the full range is about 6-inches to one foot.

When considering the blade’s size make sure to consider the types of workpieces you’ll be using. Some options include hardwoods, plastic, and metal. It’s also better to have some extra power for your toughest cuts, rather than not enough.


This starts with the materials used to produce the table saw. Look for heavy-duty metals. While these are costlier, they’re a better option than units made of flimsy metal.

You should even consider the durability/quality of small components. These are the nitty-gritty of the power saw so they can also help to extend the unit’s lifespan.

Remember that the saying “You get what you pay for” usually applies. While you can find table saws in the under-$500 price range, they’re generally less durable and feature-loaded vs. other units on the market.


Some table saws are quite portable while others like cabinet units aren’t designed to be moved frequently. The portability/mobility of a table saw is based on various factors.

What should you consider? Some factors include the unit’s weight, wheels/handle, size/compactness, and collapsibility. These features are a must-have if you’ll need to relocate the table saw frequently.

On the other hand, if you’ll be using the table saw in one location like your workshop then portability isn’t a key feature. This results in units that are generally more powerful and stable.

Safety Features

Various safety features are available for table saws, so it’s important to know some of the basics available.

The blade guard is definitely one of the most critical features since this will help to protect your hand from the saw’s powerful blade. Make sure to research how the blade guard operates and how easy it is to engage/disengage.

Another important issue is “kickback,” which can result in a power tool moving unintentionally. In the case of table saws, this occurs when wind binds between the blade’s back and the table/fence.

Various safety features can help offset kickbacks. They include anti-kickback pawls and riving knives. These features are quite common, but the efficiency varies from one unit to another.


This is easily one of the most important components of a table saw. The range of horsepower they have is 3hp to 5hp. The motors are based on the belt drive that transfers power from the saw’s motor to its blade.

A table saw’s power can be shown using different measurements. They include horsepower, amps, and volts. This is a bit technical but definitely something worth reading up on so you’ll have the know-how needed to choose wisely.


When searching for a new table saw it’s important to do a needs-analysis. Then conduct your search for the “right” table saw based on features like the motor, blades, safety, cutting power/precision, and value.

Weighing these factors will help you pick the best table saw 2019. It’s the right year to find the right table saw.

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