Best Table Saw under 500: The Ultimate Guide

Are you in the market for a new table saw? Some good news is you don’t have to spend big bucks, and in fact, you can even find the best table saw under 500.  We’ll be reviewing some of the top units on the market. This includes the features, pros, and cons of each one.

PictureProduct NameIncheTypesPrice
table saw brandsDW745 10-Inch10 InchJob Site BUY ON AMAZON
good table sawBladeRunner X28.3 inchPortableBUY ON AMAZON
best table sawsBosch 410010 InchPortableBUY ON AMAZON
SPT70WT-0110 InchJob SiteBUY ON AMAZON
best table saw for the moneyDWE7480XA10 InchJob SiteBUY ON AMAZON

1. DW745 10-Inch Compact Table Saw

DeWalt is a trade name of Black & Decker, which is under the umbrella company Stanley Black & Decker. The original company was launched 95 years ago in 1923.


The DW745 won’t cause any problems in terms of power. It includes a powerful 1850-watt motor for high performance. It produces 3,850 revolutions per minute (RPM).

You can use the same unit for a wide range of big and small applications like various kinds of hardwoods.

The steel roll cage helps to safeguard the saw vs. impacts/drops at job sites.


This table saw weighs just 22 kg and includes an optimized footprint. These features make the DW745 one of the most portable units in its class. This is important when you have to transfer the saw to job sites.

For example, the unit’s portable design makes it ideal for cutting big sheet materials for the size you need. It has a cast tabletop design for high-end accuracy/precision.

The optimized footprint makes it easy to use the hybrid table saw just about anywhere. That includes your home, work, and job sites.


This DeWalt table saw is loaded with features. They include rack and pinion fence system, big/clear scales, and front/rear fence lock.

The unit is also bundled with different saw blades for different applications. They include 24-tooth blade, blade spanners, parallel fence, and Mitre fence.

The DW745 also includes a dust port reduces. So you’ll have less dust to deal with vs. other table saws on the market.


  • Great for amateur woodworkers
  • Very durable table
  • Smooth and light
  • Excellent customer service
  • Good option for DIYers


  • No dado
  • Cheap miter gauge
  • Very loud

2. BladeRunner X2 Tabletop Saw by Rockwell

Rockwell Tools is a power tools line that’s owned by Positec Tool Corporation.  It was launched over a decade ago in 2005.


The no-load speed is 3000 revolutions per minute (RPMs). This is quite fast and makes the BladeRunner X2 ideal for various applications with different materials. It boosts the unit’s versatility since you can use the same saw for several functions.


This portable table saw is under 15 pounds, so it’s not difficult to haul around your home or to different job sites. There’s also a built-in handle so you can bring the unit anywhere you go.

This table saw is a portable unit that set up quickly and can be used just about anywhere. You can use the saw to cut all kinds of materials including:

  • Wood
  • Tile
  • Metal
  • Plastic


Do you want to make piece-of-cake tweaks to your table saw? You can do that with the BladeRunner X2.

The slitter/hold-down guard helps to cut wide materials, which boosts the unit’s functionality. You can also get a crisp/precise cut with a bigger rip fence.

Another plus of this unit is quick blade changes. You can swap blades out/in within mere seconds. You can also use any 4-inch t-shank jigsaw blades with this unit.

Other features include:

  • Big steel rip fence
  • 5-piece blade set
  • Miter gauge
  • Vacuum port

You also get a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure to read the terms & conditions to learn what it does/doesn’t cover.


  • Multi-purpose saw
  • Good small table saw
  • Can be used by different ages
  • Good for limited space
  • Does different cuts


  • Not good for big cutting jobs
  • Doesn’t always cut straight
  • Slow to cut

3. Bosch 4100-10 Worksite

Bosch is an engineering/electronics company headquartered in Germany. Robert Bosch founded in the company 130+ years ago in 1886.


A big cast-aluminum top offers sturdy material and extra workspace.

The Bosch 4100-10 is a real workhorse. This 10-in. table saw includes a 15-amp saw. It provides up to 4 horsepower (HP) and 3,650 revolutions per minute (RPM).

This is enough power for rip/cross-cutting of fine/rough carpentry materials. It provides ripping capacity of 25-in. so you can do standard rip-cutting widths at job sites.


The 4100-10 offers easy portability with the bundled Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand. This offers job-site mobility with one-step setup/takedown.


The 4100-10 also includes soft-start circuitry. This manages the motor startup’s intensity and reduces the chance of causing the circuit breaker to trip. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid when you have big jobs to complete with the Bosch saw.

A key safety feature is the smart guard system. You get protection from anti-kickback pawls and riveting knife. Meanwhile, the guard assembly functions as a barrier to provide a clear view of the cut and prevent blade contact.


  • Easy to repair
  • Durable saw
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good folding stand
  • Easy to store/move


  • Bad customer service
  • Less durable than other units
  • Motor isn’t good

4. SPT70WT-01 Portable Table Saw by Skilsaw

Skilsaw is a US power tools company. It was founded 90+ years ago and is headquartered in the US state Illinois.


What’s the big deal about the SPT70WT-01? It’s the first-ever Worm Drive table saw that’s brass-geared. This offers top power/torque.

The 15-amp Skilsaw unit features Dual-Field motor for faster cutting speeds and longer motor life. You can get a precise cut with the self-aligning rip fence.

The motor offers a smooth startup and higher cutting speed. This helps the motor to run cooler/last longer.

There’s also a durable steel roll cage design and die-cast aluminum top. This adds to the unit’s overall durability.


The SPT70WT-01 is truly compact/portable.  It weighs a light 49 pounds so you’ll get a quality/durable table saw that won’t weigh a ton. This is a plus when you need to transport your table saw from your home, workplace, or vehicle.


A tool storage area is a plus since it keeps the tools you need at arm’s reach. This prevents the need to haul a heavy toolbox with you everywhere.

There’s also an anti-kickback device for added safety. When picking any power tool, it’s important to find one with safety features that improve the unit’s functionality.


  • Good for different woodworking jobs
  • Minimum vibration when cutting
  • Easy to use/adjust
  • Miter gauge
  • Very powerful


  • Slow shipping
  • Not bundled with Diablo blade
  • No stand bundled

5. DWE7480XA Portable Table Saw by DeWalt


This DeWalt saw is powered by a 15-amp motor with 24-inch rip capacity. This makes it easier to cut through big/hardwood materials. It also makes the saw more versatile since you can use it for a wide range of applications.

The DWE7480XA offers 24-inch rip capacity. This allows you to cut a wide range of big shelving/trim materials. So you can use the same tool for a wide range of tasks/jobs.


The DWE7480XA is compact/lightweight, so it’s very easy to transport from places like your home, vehicle, and job site. A table saw’s portability is especially critical when you have to move the unit frequently to different job sites.


You can easily make tweaks with the Rack & Pinion fence rails. This makes adjustments for table saw fences quick, easy, and accurate.

There’s a modular guarding system. This provides tool-free adjustments of the saw’s guarding components. You can make whatever tweaks are required for different applications.

There’s also a table saw stand bundled with this unit. The unit is heavy-duty for good durability and folds up for piece-of-cake storage.

The dust port also provides easy clean-up with 2.5-inch vacuum hook-up. This provides less mess and easier clean-up.


  • Good table saw for DIYers
  • Downloadable outfeed table plans
  • Portable and lots of power
  • Good for novice wood-workers
  • Upgrade for portable saw


  • No bundled stand
  • Shipping/damaged items
  • Design has some issues

Buyer’s Guide for Under $500 Table Saws

When looking for the best table saw under 500 here are some of the different features to take up in order to choose wisely:

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When picking a table saw make sure to consider the motor and blades in terms power and durability in particular. Blade controls and motor mounts should be sturdy and have minimum wiggle-room.

Another motor feature to consider is a right-tilting motor. The motor tilts in the opposite direction vs. other table saws when making bevel cuts. Rockwell is best-known for offering this feature.

How about the saw blades? One caveat to consider is high-end blades often provide just slightly smoother cuts vs. models with stock blades.

The top issue is the type of cutting you’ll be doing. Standard cuts like materials that are ¾-inch thick shouldn’t be a problem with cheaper table saws.

If you don’t want to buy a higher-priced saw you could consider just upgrading the blade. This provides more precise cuts at a fraction of the cost.  

Dust Control

Finding a portable table saw with dust control won’t be a problem. The issue of its effectiveness is another story.

What’s available? Some options include dust bag under the saw and shroud surrounding the blade with back port for a vacuum cleaner or dust bag.

No system is perfect. That said, if you can catch most dust, then you’re in good shape.

Safety Features

 Like when buying other power tools the “safety first” rule should apply. Blade guards, anti-kickback devices and riving knives are some of the best options.

In recent years a big development in portable table saws has been the safety gear. Look for a riving knife that lowers kickback. This is done by preventing the board from pinching on a saw blade.

Next, there’s the blade guard. Look for ones that can be removed/reinstalled without any tools. This adds safety and convenience.

When weighing different blade guards look for one that’s well-designed and easy to remove/reinstall. Another feature to look for is the blade guard that’s in a raised position. This provides better visibility when you set up cuts.

There are also anti-kickback pawls. They’re equipped with teeth that dig into a board in the case it’s pulled backwards.

Make sure to research the different safety features available. Like other features, a fancy name doesn’t mean a safety feature will help a unit significantly reduce the chance of an accident.

Miter Gauge

Look for heavy-duty miter gauges so you can make accurate cross-cuts. The quality of these components can vary from flimsy to built-like-a-tank durability.

One feature to look for is a feature like DeWalt’s T-tracks that capture the miter gauge bar. This, in turn, makes it easier to make wider cross-cuts.

Another feature to consider is miter gauges with holes/slots for mounting accessories like a longer fence.


Look for stands that are sturdy and easy to set up. Like the saws themselves, the saws are available with different features. What’s most important is that they’re durable and convenient.

What else should you look for? Make sure to consider the mobility of the stand. Features like a handle and wheels make it easier to move the stand whenever you need to whether it’s from your home to vehicle, or vehicle to a job site.

You should also consider stands that are attached/collapsible. This boosts the unit’s mobility so you won’t have to worry about dealing with a stand-alone stand.


When Picking a table saw in the under-$500 price range your options will be limited in terms of the bells & whistles you get. You can still get a quality unit with good durability, functionality, and safety features. The key is to shop around!

Make sure to consider the value you’re getting. It’s worth paying a somewhat higher price tag for extra durability or more features.


When looking for a new best table saw under 500 there are various issues to take up. They include the unit’s form and function that affects the durability, cutting, user-friendliness, and safety.  A table saw in the under $500 range with these features provides high-level value. It’s (literally and figuratively) a cut above the rest.

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