Top 7 of the Best Hybrid Table Saws on Today’s Market

Anyone will tell you that a shop is really not complete without a good hybrid table saw to help get the jobs you have done and done correctly. But what makes a good hybrid table saw, the number of features, the quality, and construction, or is it just the one that is easiest to obtain.

We are going to take a look at 7 of the best hybrid table saws available at the time of this writing and see if there is one there that is best suited for you.

Shop Fox W1819

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539 pounds

4 Stars
Grizzly G0690

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530 pounds

4.5 Stars
Powermatic PM1000

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418 pounds

4 Stars
Shop Fox W1837

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260 pounds

4 Stars

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4 Stars

Check Price

267 pounds

4 Stars

Check Price

110 pounds

4.5 Stars

1- Shop Fox W1819

Let’s start this off with a bang! The Shop Fox W1819 is a no-nonsense table saw full of features both for safety and convenience and is build with quality and durability in mind.

The table top itself is built of cast iron and comes with massive cast iron trunnions, both of which are designed to last a lifetime. A four-inch dust port and a sloped inner cabinet work together for the most efficient dust removal possible. Powder Coating paint covers the unit to help ensure a long lasting finish.

For accuracy, there is an easy glide Camlock T-Fence system in place with HDPE face that has an ultra wide capacity of 29 ½ inches. An adjustable t-slot Miter gauge with its own fence and flip stop is included for very high accurate rips.

On the safety side of things, the blade guard is a clear polycarbonate piece so you can view your cuts as you are doing them, eliminating blind spots. A metal plate spreader is placed behind the blade to keep fresh cuts from pinching at the rear of the blade and thereby preventing kickbacks. Anti-kickback pawls also allow the material to travel in only one direction keeping your material on the table and flowing in the correct direction.

The blade can be adjusted from zero to 45 degrees giving you full control over your cuts and allowing you to cut bevels and compound miters. Blade adjustments are easily achieved by releasing the blade tilt lock and then turning the handwheel to the desired angle of cut.

The Shop Fox W1819 is a decent machine for those who have a seriousness for your shop. All of this does not come for cheap, and so that makes this a sample of one of the of higher priced table saws on our list, but as they say, quality does not come cheap. With a 2 year warranty in place on your purchase, Shop Fox is confident that this will not give you any problems for the first two years, but they are confident it will last a lot longer than that as well.


  • A professional machine
  • Cast iron throughout for longevity
  • All safety features possible are already included
  • Great visibility during cuts with a completely clear blade guard
  • Lockable hand-dials means exact multiple cuts
  • Deluxe Miter gauge with more features than other table saws
  • Space on the base for additional tool storage


  • Higher priced unit
  • Can not be moved easily, needs to be placed in a single spot with enough space to work

2- Grizzly G0690

The Grizzly, like the aforementioned Shop Fox, is also a very no-nonsense table saw that come with many features that will be useful for many years to come.

Featuring a full cast iron table and with cast iron Trunnions, the table portion is built to last an extended period of time. A 4-inch dust collection port helps to keep as much sawdust away from your work as possible. A 3 HP Leeson motor and a triple belt drive are in place to ensure a good clean and easy cut even through the densest of hardwoods.

An easy glide Camlock T-Fence has knurled knobs for easy adjustments and has an HDPE face for the least amount of friction on your materials as they go through the saw portion. A T-slot miter gauge is also included to give your cuts an angled guide.

A heavy duty blade guard is included with anti-kickback pawls to keep users safe from flying debris and keep your material moving in only one direction when cutting. The blade guard and riving knife are equipped with quick releases for easy and fast changes when needed. The riving knife will travel up and down with your blade adjustments to keep the same distance between knife and blade at all times ensuring maximum protection.

The 10-inch blade can be manipulated from 0 to 45 degrees and has a maximum depth of cut at 3 ⅛ inches at perpendicular to the table or 2 3/16 inches when positioned at a 45-degree cut. The table can accommodate a dado blade width of up to 13/16th of an inch.

Grizzly has a very sturdy and well-made hybrid table saw on the market if you are looking for a permanent fixture in your shop. Most of the features on the Grizzly are comparable to other high-end table saws in this same price range. A great long-term saw that would keep your shop working nicely for many years to come.


  • Cast iron table and trunnions for longevity
  • Easy to access sawdust removal
  • All safety equipment is included
  • 3 HP motor rated at 4500 RPM not under load
  • Comes with standard table insert and dado table insert
  • Tabe top extends to ends of the fence rails for maximum table space
  • Quick change no tools needed for blade guard and riving knive


  • Heavy and not removable (mobile accessory unit available separately)
  • High price

3- Powermatic PM1000

Another full size hybrid table saw with decent features and a long lasting life-span, the Powermatic PM1000 has a large working surface that can be used for all kind of cuts.

The Powermatic PM1000 features a fully cast iron table featuring beveled edges makes for a great work surface. An exclusive AccuFence system keeps your fence sturdy and in place during your cuts and provides extra rigidity and precision when it is needed. A well constructed miter gauge allows for 60 degrees of angle in either direction with an easy adjustment system allowing for a full range of cuts.

The motor provides 1 ¾ HP with only 115 volts needed to operate. A poly V-belt for its drive system is included in an effort to eliminate vibrations and provide the best efficiency possible. A motor cover on hinges provides quick and easy access to the inside of the cabinet.

Seven inch handwheels that are Ergonomically designed help to create momentum while turning, making blade height and bevel adjustments very easy and quick. A large hands-free power switch is conveniently located on the cabinet base for ease of operation.

A clear blade surround is included that allows for complete sight of your cuts but also keeps dust and debris flowing downward and into the cabinet for dust collection at the bottom. An Arbor lock is included to help with quick one handed blade changes with a low number of tools needed. A standard riving knife and a low profile riving knife is included to help prevent kickback and pawl claws are also included to ensure safe travel through the blade.

The Powermatic PM1000 is a decent heavy duty shop Hybrid Table Saw for those who are serious about their table saw work. A one time purchase that you can be assured will last for many years to come when taken care of properly. This saw is closely compared to other table saws in this same price range.


  • Hevy duty table saw can last a lifetime.
  • 5 year warranty available
  • Cast iron table and trunnions
  • Exclusive fence system designed by Powermatic
  • All safety equipment you can consider is included


  • Not mobile and can be kept in only one position
  • Highest priced saw on our list

4- Shop Fox W1837

Shop Fox gives us another ten-inch table saw to take a look at with this open-stand variation. Still full of great features but adds the bonus of mobility to that list that previous hybrid table saws mentioned do not have.

Cast iron is still used in both the table top and the trunnions, which are cabinet mounted to help absorb vibrations, help ensure the blade compared to both the fence and the miter are properly calibrated and ensure that adjusting the blade height and angle are a breeze. The table does have an open portion to the top to keep weight down and yet still allow for a 30-inch rip on one side of the blade and a 15-inch rip on the other.

The upper cabinet is completely enclosed and at the bottom is a large 4-inch sawdust duct to help keep dust and debris away from your face and your cutting area. If the unit is not connected to a dust collector, it still has an impressive 400 CFM of space available to hold sawdust until you are ready to clean it out.

A 2 HP motor runs the ten inch saw blade which can be tilted to the left up to 45 degrees giving you many angles to work at for bevels, chamfers, and compound miters. The blade can be tilted using large handwheels and then locked into place so you can cut the exact same angle time and time again.

A clear blade guard is used so you can keep an eye on your cut while the blade is in motion and dual pawls are included to ensure the material can only move in one direction. A riving knife is included to ensure the newly cut wood can’t pinch back into the blade to help prevent any kickback from happening.

The cutting fence does have an easy to use lift-off feature so you can cut freehand if desired and is easily locked into place on both the front and the back. The t-slot miter gauge slides easily and covers all possible angles for a clean and precision cut each and every time.

Wheels are added to one side of the base that is off the ground when the cabinet is flat, but with a tilt of one side the wheels are firmly on the ground and now you can easily move your entire cabinet around the shop for storage or for better placement for larger rips.

This is a very good entry hybrid table saw for someone who does not have the space to keep a full table top saw in one place all the time. The mobility of the entire unit and all the features of bigger table saws make this a great machine to be owned by the serious hobbyist or a busy tradesman.


  • Good for both professionals and DIY woodworkers
  • Cast iron table and trunnions
  • Half enclosed cabinet keep dust collection simple
  • All required safety features are included
  • Quick change blade guard and riving knife
  • Wheels included for mobility


  • Only 3 wheels are included and may have stability issues while moving
  • Table top does not extend to the end of the fence rails
  • Rails do not collapse so you are still required a lot of space for storage


Promoted as a lightweight premium hybrid table saw, the Laguna brand offers a few different version of their saw at a decent mid-level price. Full of the features you would expect from a premium saw with the added bonus of mobility.

A table with a longer rip width than some other hybrid table saws due to the table top not extending out but there are extensions available to hold the fence in place meaning you can get up to a 36-inch rip on every cut. A larger 52-inch version is also available if you need those large cuts on a consistent basis. The trunnion is cabinet mounted to ensure everything is kept in place and solid when making your cuts.

The fence can be lifted on one end and can be locked in place over the blade when you are ready for storage for safety. T-slot miter is also included for diversity in your cuts. Large handwheels are used to change both the blade height and angle and are locked into place to ensure proper cuts each and every time.

The cabinet is robust and collects your sawdust without a problem, and a 4-inch sawdust draw hole is included to be attached to your dust removal system. Adjustable screws are located on the legs so you can level off uneven surfaces and with a tilt of the unit the wheels are engaged, and you can move the entire machine to a storage location whenever needed.

Complete safety features are included such as clear blade guard to view your cuts and pawls to keep your material moving in a single direction. Both the blade guard and riving knife use quick release mechanisms to make changes easy.

The Laguna 36 inch Table saw is a great saw for someone with a garage shop or even a professional shop without a lot of space. Easy movement and storage is great for those in need of saving as much space as possible. A robust cabinet and construction mean this will last for a good long time in anyone’s shop.

6- RIDGID R4512 10 in

Ridgid does a very decent hybrid table saw that would cover many of the needs of a weekend woodcutter or a hobbyist. It has many features you expect to see in a table saw and offers mobility at the same time.

A cast iron table is used in the center of the machine and then steel extenders are used for the fence to attach to the sides. The steel does extend further than the steel top allowing for rips wider than the cast iron top itself. The cabinet is made of steel, and the trunnions are mounted inside the cabinet to help keep everything aligned properly.

Fence locks in place on the front and the back and slides easily along the steel extenders. T-slot miter also slides nicely and angles to give you a multitude of cutting angles. Combine this with the ability to cut up to a 45-degree angle means you can cut just about any angle you can think of. There are also built-in accessory slots so you can attach auxiliary fences that will allow you to work with much larger pieces of wood.

The cabinet is enclosed and has a 4-inch sawdust duct on it that you can connect to your suction unit to keep dust and debris away from the motor and blade. A foot pedal on the bottom raises and lowers the castors so you can maneuver the entire machine out of the way as needed.

There is a blade guard for safety, and a riving knife is not a part of the base unit, but pawls are included as part of the blade guard to keep your material moving in a single direction.

A very well reviewed entry level hybrid table saw with a lot of the features of bigger and more expensive saw systems. There is a lot of ability for expansion of the table itself or to add other tools such as a router and other types of power units with much ease.


  • Full cabinet for sawdust collection
  • Mobility with drop down wheels included
  • Cast iron table and trunnions
  • Quick release for the riving knife and blade guard
  • Easily expandable and many accessories are available


  • Still fairly expensive, slightly more will get you a more professional saw but not the mobility
  • Table does not extend to the end of the fence rails


When you are on a job site and you need a hybrid table saw but you are not about to truck out your giant cabinet mounted table saw, Dewalt has you covered with this mobile unit complete with wheels and it’s own fold-out leg system so that you have the right height for your hybrid table saw anywhere you go.

Lightweight does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. Dewalt provides everything you need in a single compact package. The table measures 26 ¼ inches by 22 inches which gives you superior material support when cutting larger pieces of wood.

A rack and pinion fence system is used for super smooth and fast adjustments when needed. The fence can be extended and rips up to 32 ½ inches wide can be done making this a very versatile compact unit. A standard t-slot miter system is used and can be stored onboard when compacted for transportation mode.

A 2 HP 15 AMP motor is used to keep the blade cutting smooth even through the hardest of hardwoods. When in the upward position the blade can cut to a depth of 3 ⅛ inches and when in the 45-degree position it can cut up to a depth of 2 ¼ inches. A 2 ½ inch port is included for sawdust removal and can be connected up to any vacuum or shop vac to keep your work area clean and free of debris.

One of the greatest features of this saw is the frame it is mounted on. The legs of the frame are in place and tipped with rubber so the machine won’t slide around when in use. The legs fold up toward the saw itself becoming very compact. Large wheels adorn one end of the frame and are great for rolling around messy work sites or up and down stairs or other obstacles. When folded and stored there are storage locations for everything that is included with the saw including the miter, the cord, the blade cover and anything else including making it a compact and complete unit.

This is a great well-priced hybrid table saw for anyone who is mobile and needs a good saw on site or for someone who needs a compact space for storage. Measuring only 27 ½ inches wide, 41 inches long and 25 inches high when compacted, this saw can be stored in many locations a traditional table saw can not. Price is exactly where expected when dealing with Dewalt items and their level of quality and construction are concerned.


  • Compact for great storage
  • Designed to be mobile for a shop or for job sites
  • Comes from a very respected brand name
  • Sawdust removal can be hooked up to any shop vac
  • Very good power for a mobile unit
  • On board storage for all parts and pieces means you won’t lose any components
  • Large wheels for easy transportation


  • Tube frame can be susceptible to damage
  • Frame can be not as sturdy on uneven surfaces

Buyer’s Guide for Buying a HybridTable Saw

When it comes to buying a hybrid table saw, be it for the first time or for the last time, there are many things that are needed to be considered. It is suggested to think about what your long-term goals are and what you want to achieve before you make any real decisions. When you are shopping for your dream saw there are a few things we suggest to take into consideration.

What are you going to use it for?

Are you a professional who will be making cuts all day long or are you a weekend builder? As a professional your hybrid table saw is also an investment in your trade and so consider carefully all of the features you will be using and needing for a decent table saw. For someone who is a casual woodworker in their garage then maybe the top of the top is not, but a good casual saw can be decided upon instead.

Where will you be using it?

Are you mobile? Do you have a lot of room in your work area? Since a lot of hybrid table saw cutting does involve 4 X 8 sheets of plywood, are you going to need to move your table saw around to accommodate this in your space? This will help you consider if you need something mobile or on wheels that can be moved around your shop at will.

What other tools will you be using?

There are a lot of hybrid table saws that allow for extensions or can allow other tools to be mounted to it for additional workspace. Routers that can be mounted to the same table as your table saw saves you a lot of effort in creating new spaces for additional tools.

What is your extraction system like?

Each hybrid table saw does have some form of extraction system to keep sawdust and debris away from your work area. Do you have a big industrial system in place that can move a lot of sawdust in little time or do you have to attach to a small shop vac that can only move so much at a time?

How is the Trunnion mounted?

Trunnion mounting is a very important feature for any hybrid table saw. Check into the different mounts available, either in a cabinet or on a table and be sure it is the right mount for you and what your work is.

Is it within your budget?

As with all major purchases, we do tend to want all the bells and whistles possible. Always be sure when you are shopping for major equipment such as table saws that you are not spending beyond your means or spending extra when it is not necessary.


As with any shopping scenario, be a smart shopper. Do your research and understand what you need before you jump out and buy the first thing that catches your eye. How do you feel about our list? Do you feel these are the top 7 hybrid table saws out there or do you think there is something we missed? Let us know your thoughts on this ripping topic.

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