Best Hybrid Table Saw for under $1000


The table saw is a staple of any wood workshop either professional or as a hobbyist. If you are cutting plywood of just about any lengths, strips, molding and more, the hybrid table saw will make short work of any project. Buying a hybrid table saw requires many decisions, but for many, the budget will come into play more often than not. Today in our website we are going to take a look at some of the best hybrid table saws for under $1000 that will include the features needed for your best work possible.

1- Shop Fox W1837 Open-Stand

Shop Fox W1837 hybrid table saw

The Shop Fox W1837 has the best of both worlds, all the features of a full-size cabinet table saw yet the mobility of a smaller unit. You will be the envy of all who come to your shop or see you on the job site. Safety is paramount when considering a saw and Shop Fox provides in spades with this model.

The cabinet itself is enclosed for the top half and open on the bottom half to help keep weight down for the mobility factor. A 4-inch sawdust duct on the bottom of the enclosed portion allows for an attachment to your dust control system or keep the enclosure closed and clean out manually when needed.

Wheels are attached to the bottom of the cabinet and can be deployed using the foot lever when you want to move the machine around and then retracted when you have found the proper location. Strong, sturdy legs are in place to keep the table level and prevent wobble.

A cast iron table is included to help keep large materials in place and giving a good solid platform for working on. Steel wings are used to attach the fence to which has both front and rear locking points for a strong lock in place. These wings allow for a 30-inch rip to the right of the blade and a 15-inch rip to the left.

Robust Cast Iron trunnions are mounted inside the cabinet and do a very good job at absorbing vibration. This position also allows for proper blade-to-fence alignment and miter slot alignment and makes both blade height and blade angle adjustments a breeze.

The W1837 comes with plenty of safety features for your cuts. A clear blade guard is in place so you can see exactly how your cuts are progressing. Pawls are attached to the rear of the blade guard to ensure your materials can only travel in the forward direction and not backward toward the user and minimize accidents due to kickback. A riving knife is also included to ensure that wood does not pinch the rear of the blade as you are cutting, again preventing kickback from happening.

Overall the Shop Fox W1837 is a professional hybrid table saw without the professional price. You get all the features of a static table saw and yet can enjoy the mobility of smaller units — a great investment that will cost you very close to our $1000 limit.


  • Full-featured table saw
  • Mobility
  • Cast iron table and trunnions
  • Full safety equipment is included
  • Half enclosed cabinet for sawdust collection


  • Nothing collapses for a smaller storage footprint

2- RIDGID R4512 10 in

RIDGID R45 hybrid table saw

Ridgid also does a 10-inch table saw that comes with a lot of the higher end features we are always looking for in a hybrid Table saw yet also retaining the ability to be mobile in a pinch.

The half cabinet is enclosed at the top and open at the bottom keeping most dust and debris contained while working. A four-inch opening is provided so a duct collection system can be attached or a reducer can be used to attach to a shop vac. The bottom of the cabinet has a wheel system where the push of a pedal engages the wheels and you can move the unit. A release and the machine drops back to its stable position on the four steel legs.

The R4512’s cast iron table top is milled and polished to minimize vibration and provide a smooth flat surface for trouble-free cutting. Steel extenders are used for the aluminum fence to clamp onto at both the front and the rear of the machine and large guides give precise and smooth adjustments of the fence. There is a fully customizable design so an extension table or auxiliary tables can be added without difficulty to give space for additional tools like a router. Extra tables are not included with the original purchase.

A 13 Amp motor allows for a 10-inch blade to be attached and runs at 3450 RPM giving you a strong rip even through the densest of hardwoods. The blade will cut at a depth of 3 ¼ when at 90 degrees and a depth of 2 ¼ inches when cutting at a 45-degree angle.

Standard safety features such as blade guard and pawls are included so you can see your work and kickback is prevented.

Ridgid’s R4512 is a great entry level hybrid table saw for someone who is a hobbyist or a light duty professional. Mobility means this can work well in a smaller shop where space may be an issue, but you can move it out of the way when not in use. Additional tables can be added for versatility and to give you a more useful workspace.


  • Cast iron is used for the table and the trunnions
  • Customizable with additional Ridgid parts for extra table space or other accessories
  • Wheels for mobility


  • Table does not extend to the ends of the fence rails
  • Riving knife and dado insert need to be purchased separately
  • Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser

3- Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw

The Rockwell RK7241S is a portable hybrid table saw that is compact can be packed up and moved from site to site with ease. Not as robust as some of our other choices but a well-featured table saw for its price point.

The Rockwell RK7241S  has a standard table space for any compact portable table saw, but with the fold out fence arms, you get yourself a full-size table saw that can accommodate up to 30-inch rips. An attached outfeed support is also included for those larger sheets to keep everything stable and flowing smoothly.

The blade will accommodate up to 45-degree angle in cuts and has the deepest cut of any table saw in its class with 4-inch depth available. Dado blades can be used, but table inserts and blades are not included with the unit. Unique to this machine is a laser indicator for precise cutting that adjusts itself when tilting the blade.

The leg design can be collapsed for super compact storage and has a mobile position to it as well so it can be rolled on the wheels on one side while using the leg as a pulling device on the other. Legs are held in place using a pull out knob and are easily manipulated into the position for your current needs.

A large opening in the bottom of the small cabinet is used for sawdust removal. A large bag is included with the machine and then attached to the bottom to capture as much sawdust as possible making clean up a snap when you have completed your projects.


  • Compact and lightweight, can be folded up and stored in small locations
  • Can accommodate full-size rips of up to 30 inches
  • Wheels and legs that can be adjusted into a position so it can be moved easily like a trolly
  • Highest cut in its class and can cut up to 4 inches deep
  • Includes a bad for sawdust collection
  • All tools can be attached for storage when collapsed
  • Additional attachments can be purchased from Rockwell including a finishing tool and a large table extender for very long pieces of wood
  • Laser sight for cuts that are precise and straight.


  • It is a low-cost unit and a lifetime machine. Does come with a limited 2-year warranty
  • Table is small and does not extend to the ends of the fence wings
  • Legs can be bent or broken with the wrong kind of pressure

Buyers guide for Hybrid table saws under $1000

A thousand dollars will get you a decent table saw, and there is no question about that. The question is what is needed for your particular line of work. We need to ask ourselves a few questions before we decide on our purchase of a brand new table saw under 1000$.

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Always safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Even if you are an experienced craftsman there are still certain things that should and need to come with every table saw purchase.

The blade guard comes with every saw purchase you can find but what kind of blade guard is included and how functional is it? See through portions of the guard are helpful to see exactly what the saw blade is doing and where it is doing its cut. The guard does also act sort of as a riving knife to help ensure the wood does not pinch back onto the spinning blade.

Pawls are usually also part of the blade guard and help keep your material flowing in one direction. If the wood does catch and tries to kick back, the pawls will dig into the wood and prohibit it from flying back at you. Pawls are usually attached to each side of the blade guard to ensure both sides of your cut are kept safe.

Riving knives are a very important safety feature for when you are cutting joints or not entirely through a piece of wood. The riving knife stops the wood from pinching and catching on the blade creating a kickback. Riving knives are usually needed for when you can not use the blade guard for your cut.

Stand or Cabinet

When looking at table saws that run close to $1000 you will find most of them come with some kind of stand or cabinet. A cabinet can be very useful especially when it comes to sawdust collection as all the sawdust is pulled down into the cabinet and then stored there or can be attached to a removal system that uses suction to keep your work area as clean and clear as possible.

A cabinet can also help when it comes to trunnions as this is one of the essential parts of the table saw as this is what holds the motor and blade in place and so heavy duty trunnions help keep everything in exact measurements in relation to your fence and your miter gauge. A heavy duty cabinet will help keep everything in good form.

Your cabinet will also help with your mobility. Are you looking for a cabinet that can move and you can store your table saw in an area different from your work area? If you need something that is very mobile, then a stand that can collapse entirely and rolling wheels are included so you can manipulate your table saw around job sites or crowded garages.

Fence and Miter gauge

These are your most important tools when it comes to your table saw. It is needed that your fence has a solid locking point or points so that your rips are always the same size when needed and your measurements are as precise as possible. Miter gauges should have enough heft to them so you can set your angels and not be worried about breaking or cracking your miter. How the miter attaches to your table is also important. Will your table saw accept aftermarket parts and use a standard slide system or will you only be able to get replacements direct from the manufacturer.

The blade and cut system.

Consider what you will be using your table saw for when making your purchase. Will you need complicated joints cut or need to make cuts at strange angles? Do you need your blade to tilt to the left and the right? Are you going to need to use a dado blade?

Basic table saws will do pretty basic stuff, but as you get into the mid-range of table saws there are a lot more features that you can ask yourself do you need or will you ever use in your cutting?


While $1000 may seem like a lot of money for some, it does offer a very large range is what is available by way of table saws. You can get a lot of very good features when you are considering a table saw in this price range, and you can get quality that will last for many years to come. Making a list of what you need and what you can get in this price range is a lot better than just going out and getting the first table saw you see for $1000 and assume it will be right for you.


There is a lot on the market when you are looking to spend $1000 on a hybrid table saw, and we take a look here at three that we think have the best features for the right amount of money. Of course, any purchase you make needs to be right for you, but we think that with one of these choices it would be pretty hard to go wrong.

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